Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our very own palms

After nearly two years of living in Florida, this summer, we decided it was time to set down some roots. We were both settled into our jobs and decided we really did like the area.

But every now and then, it still hits us: “Wow. We live in Florida.” 

Sometimes this feeling comes when we’re riding down the highway in November with the windows down listening to reports of feet of snow falling up north.

The other day, it happened when I walked into the Buccaneers’ stadium, and the palm trees were sprouting up. Football and palm trees don’t go together in most places.

And upon returning home, there were our very own palm trees on our property. It’s so surreal that we live in this mid-century modern ranch home, which is SO Florida on its own. (It’s apparently also very hip, which is not why we bought it, but hey, whatever.)

Now that the house has settled in as well, after some major initial repairs, we’re looking forward to  putting our stamp on the home.

We’re still working on putting pictures up on the walls and deciding where some of the furniture is going.

Adding to the moving in delays were the wonderful addition of two kittens – so kitten proofing the house has delayed things like putting up new curtains (perfect for sharpening little claws eager to climb.)

Now that they’re starting to mellow out, and driving into our own driveway (palms and all) feels more natural, we hope that this Florida thing starts to feel more natural.

Until then, I’ll still be a little homesick for the fall foliage.